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Wil Vent -Deaditor in Chief


William H. Vent died recently, becoming the first person ever known to have overdosed on television viewing. After years of suffering from delusions of grandeur, he gently faded away after his favorite Ricky Schroder episode of NYPD Blue.

All of his life, Wil wanted to be a writer. He started writing bad poetry in middle school and then worse poetry in high school.

During his brief flirtation with college, he became a pioneer of the Radio/Television Department at Texas A&M Kingsville then quickly moved on to Public Access Television in the small market of Corpus Christi, Tx. Soon after, he worked as a producer and writer for the local CBS affiliate. There he was responsible for bringing the ratings of the weekday morning newscast from a 0.0 to a 0.5.

When his superior talent went unrecognized by his new boss, he decided to leave and start a perpetually struggling monthly comedy and satire magazine. In February 2007, The Vent Daily: a monthly publication was launched and the world has never been the same.

Some years back, while discussing articles for The Vent in his garage with his brother Mike (before he won his Emmy) and good friend Berto G. (before he found Jesus), they came up with the idea for Dead To Me Obituaries.

William will be missed by a few people, but his Dead To Me legacy will go on to be unread by millions of potential Internet users now that he is dead to himself.