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What-a-Burger Introduces What-a-Leftover Menu


After the recent customer upheaval over McDonald’s cancelation of the Dollar Menu, restaurants all over the country are hoping to fill that gap and win over patrons who are looking for the best deal they can find. So far the lesser-known, Texas-based franchise What-A-Burger has peaked the most consumer curiosity with their announcement of the What-a-Leftover Menu.
“Contemporary tradition dictates that the days following Thanksgiving are a time for amazing deals,” Whataburger CEO Preston Atkinson announced at a press conference earlier this week, “but classically, the period after that holiday feast has always been known as leftover season. What-a-Burger has taken the best of both eras and created the ‘What-a-Leftover Menu’.” The burger chain founder went on to explain the details of the ‘new-to-you’ service.
Dine-in customers with uneaten portions of their meal can leave their trays on the table to be collected by a specially trained LeftOverSeer. Patrons who complete their meal are still expected to bus their own trays on the way out. The LeftOverSeer collects all the food left unattended for more than 20 seconds. Diners are encouraged to be quick when leaving the table for refills or condiments. Any leftovers are placed under the “LeftOver Here” heat lamp area near the trashcans. From there, the Mini-Meals can be resold at a discounted rate which is determined by the’ OverSeer’.’
For the past six months the What-a-Leftover Menu has been running as a pilot program at the 214 What-a-Burger locations in Corpus Christi, TX. Data collected from that middle-market shows that fast-food buyers are eating up the idea.
“It’s great for those of us looking to save during these rough times,“ says longtime What-a-Burger supporter Sylvia Esparza, “ I can walk in and pay $0.90 for a Ranch Chicken sandwich with only 2 or 3 bites taken out of it.”
Another customer, Crystal Womack exclaimed, “I like to come right after the lunch rush and take advantage of the ‘Q for a Q’ deal, where you can get the 25% of a burger someone left behind for just a quarter! I’ll mix-and-match fourths to make my own What-a-Frankenstein-burger for just a buck. What-a-deal! The best part is that there’s no waiting. All the grub is warm and ready. I’m in and out faster then the What-a-burger guy confiscates your food while you’re in the bathroom.”
The ‘What-a-Leftover Menu’ is also available via drive-thru. Drivers simply ask to “hear the leftovers”. The LeftOverSeer is always connected by headset to let them know what kind of great buys are under the lamp. Hungry consumers can evLD_Whataburger_RG_06_T1en make offers on the leftovers, What-a-haggling is encouraged. The What-a-Leftover Menu is all about getting a fair deal on your half finished small bag of fries or almost empty milkshake with a chewed-up straw.
While a small group of restaurant owners have expressed skepticism regarding this questionable service, most competitors have given What-a-Burger their due as innovators, extolling the brilliance of selling food that has already been sold.
“Like it or not, “says Cleo McDowell, McDowell’s CEO, “What-a-Burger has found a way to turn a 100% profit on what the industry has always considered waste.”
The What-a-Leftover Menu is always changing but some items that will be found daily include: overcooked what-a-chicken strips that people decided weren’t worth it; tomato and onions that shouldn’t have been on the burger to begin with; and plenty of Texas Toast crust.
What-a-hand-me-down Kids Meals can also be created from the LeftOver Menu, complete with a surprise for the young ones. The surprise is Hepatitis.

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