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Wake Up & Rock



For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Radio Disc Jockey. You know, those guys who spin flat vinyl that somehow magically plays sound waves when a needle runs through grooves. Seriously, can you explain how records work? It’s nothing short of witchcraft.
I have always been ahead of Generation Youtube’s obsession with making their mark. Maybe this desire stems from old WKRP reruns on Nick-at-Nite, or perhaps my mind figured out that in a small-market city, there are only a few types of local celebrities and DJs, especially morning DJs, are at the top of that list. Sure, Joe Gazin is the biggest Corpus-famous person in this city by the sea (a close tie with our sexy Mayor), but nobody wants to hang out with newscasters (or politicians for that matter). For one, they are all sociopaths, two, they are incredibly boring. Trust me, I used to work with these people.
That puts us back at Morning FM Personalities… aside from the waking up at the crack of ass, this always seemed to be a pretty sweet gig. Wake up, most likely from a sleeping bag in the studio in which you also live– give the people a few laughs on their way to work/school – play a few tracks – bang a couple of groupies – go back to sleep. It’s still like that, right?
No matter. As you can see by this page’s sandwich banners, we have begun to work with the new incarnation of 92.7, specifically ROCK 92.7. Yes, this is the first step in my plan to become Corpus Christi’s, and then the world’s, most famous radio personality. It may take a while. Years even… but one day Corpus Christinos, I will be coming in your ears and there is nothing you will ClarissaBillboard3
be able to do to stop it. Until then, tune in every morning to the very funny ramblings of the Billy Madison Show, and keep it set to 92.7 to hear our new Daily Vent Spots.

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