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Wake up Bro…


Corpus Christi, TX
by Will Vent
It’s been a while since the Vent has heard from its better half… As is with most siblings, my brother Mike and I (to put it lightly) have had a rocky relationship.

What caused the last fight you ask? Well, that’s between these two brothers. Did he call me a fat retard after I told him he was a drunken waste of human organs? Well, IF that happened, it would really be none of your business.

Did I publish his phone number in the magazine and ask people to call him and tell him to stop being a baby. Did he try to get the Vent removed from the TAMUCC campus? Look! That’s neither hear nor there. I told you, mind your own beeswax.

The important thing is that time heals all wounds, and… that he was looking for press credentials for Austin City Limits, and while he probably could have gotten in on his own, knowing someone with a thriving publication in a nearby market doesn’t hurt.

I am always pleased when I read my brothers work. His musical knowledge and experiences surpassed mine long ago, and he is always passionate and informative when telling us about the artists we don’t always have time to seek out on our own. It is pretty much the exact opposite of how I write about fake nonsense every issue. So make sure you check out the ACL spread he provided this issue, and if you’re not me, then make sure you also get yourself to ACL.

When he’s not Festival hoping, Mike is working for Comedy Central, and is in fact, Emmy nominated this year for his work there.

We have our differences, and even worse we have our similarities, but it goes without saying that we are brothers and nothing will ever truly separate this retard from that drunk.

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