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Wake up & Betray Your Local Comedy Scene?


by Wil Vent

There is so much important news happening right now. Joe Biden may or may not be a creep. The Mexican border may or may not be shut down. The first black/gay/female Chicago Mayor may not be elected… she was! But, let’s not talk about any of that stuff.

The Vent Daily’s top story this month is Moontower Comedy Festival. That’s right, it’s that time again. It’s time for yours truly to cram a seasons worth of exercise into four days of schlepping back and forth through the hills of downtown Austin to catch as many comedy shows as I can. I’ll be gathering up quality entertainment and photosynthesizing it into inspiration to keep me going all year through the comedy desert that is Corpus. I’m like some kind of comedy… animal that can go a long time without something because they saved up a bunch of it beforehand.

I’m a major supporter of our local comedy scene, but there comes a time in every comedy fan’s year when they must forsake listening to the same open mic jokes and lower tier road comics on tour and treat themselves to the highest quality of comedian imported from New York, Los Angeles and the motherland Canada. I encourage any and all of you reading this, and even those of you who aren’t, to grab yourself a Satellite Badge (all the upper tier badges are already sold out) and journey to our State Capitol for a hell of a time.

Besides some very vital Moontower info in this issue, you will also find a gonzo write up from a fresh contributor and a previously unpublished chapter of that book on which I say that I am working, but has been neglected for several months now and may soon become irrelevant. FML By the way, the border will be fine, but the millennial jury is still out on Biden.

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