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Wake up and Roast


While I am not a performing comedian, technically, I am one of the few people in Corpus Christi to make their living being funny, via this publication. I am also one of the biggest fans and well-versed students of comedy you will find in this city. Also, my mom says I’m just the most handsome boy ever. But enough about what makes me so amazing…

Once upon a time… after the comedy club at Sunrise Mall died and before the current downtown club came to be, there were two crazy brothers with a dream and an inordinate amount of comedian friends from regional cities. My brother and I got to know the pot-lovin’, cool AF manager of Gator’s and started to book comedy shows in the back room and, of course, we called it The Vent Comedy Club. It was a sweet deal; the bar made 100% of the alcohol sales and we took whatever money we made at the door and paid comedians to tell jokes and sometimes had enough left over for an A-1 Think and Hearty burger. On a really great night, we could make it a meal.

Did The Vent Comedy Club breath new life into the local scene? Did we keep comedy alive in our city when nobody else was doing anything? Do any of the current local open-mic comics know about any of this? The answer to all of those questions is; probably not, but hey, we had a great time doing it. Whether or not anyone acknowledges or even remembers it, the Vent put down a solid piece of foundation under the 37-bedroom, no bath shanty that is today’s Corpus Christi comedy scene.

Sadly, one of those brothers went up the river for a little while the other either moved to New York or joined the Army. Just like that, the Vent was out of the live comedy business.

After a few years of making up for lost time with my kiddos, my oldest is now away at college (Hook ‘em horns) and my youngest now has friends she mistakenly thinks are cooler than me. That gives me a whole lot of extra hours to waste every month helping Corpus Christi to realize is that there is more than one way to tell a joke. Stand-up is not the only way to make an audience laugh. The Vent is more than happy to put some time and effort into the development of an alternative comedy scene. This means stuff like Improv, Sketch Shows, Podcasts, and Roasts to name a few. Our first 3-day alt-comedy event is laid out on this issue’s cover. So if you Corpus Christinos ‘think you have what it takes’ and all those other competition clichés, then hit up @TheVentNation on evil Facebook and wake up and ROAST!

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