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Wake Up and Read All About It!


EXTRA. EXTRA. READ ALL ABOUT IT! (For those of you who still read.) 

I don’t really like to bring up my checkered past, but once upon a time, I actually worked as a local news producer for KZTV. I used to go in at midnight and produce and write the 6 a.m. morning show, and I think sometimes the noon broadcast as well. I wasn’t the smartest 20 something back then and I made some mistakes. I finally got fired for holding a late-night practice for my indie-rock band in the TV studio. We were called At the Playground, in case you’re interested and there still exists a Myspace account for the band in case you are really interested.

There was a brief time I was happy with my job at our local CBS affiliate, and yes, I too was fooled by the air of importance local news seems to assert. Thank Gazin, I know better now. It is becoming clearer each time I watch an actual newscast, that our local news stations are a joke and they will soon have to step up their online game or be left behind.

For years I have been saying that local TV stations are going the way of the newspaper, and that all you need to cover local news is social media. Of course, I never did anything besides talk about it, while the fine folks at CCNN (Corpus Christi News Now) have actually stepped up in a big way and started Corpus Christi’s most promising and possibly the only serious alternative local news page.

So for lack of a better way to say it: There is a new news source in Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi News Now.

Read more about that in this issue and several other stories that I haven’t even written yet.