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Wake up and Pass Class


by Wil Henneberger

Seeing as the Vent is primarily a comedy magazine, it usually lands more on the side of Fartsy. Yes, usually you can literally find fart jokes stinking up the pages between our front and back cover, or as we call them in the industry the asscheeks of the magazine. So, I thought it was time to get a little bit Artsy. Covering the art scene is the only thing my competitors seem to do better than the Vent and I just don’t want them thinking that old Wil Vent is full of hot air or some kind of a one-fart pony. 

In this issue you will find 3 great farts, I mean interviews about art. Not in this order. 

A not so silent but deadly talk with an amazing artist and person, David Zamora Casas, whom I met and interviewed the night before going to print. (Let’s see my competitor do that!) Shout out to my son for the late night transcription.

Also in between our nalgas you will find a gentle puff with Corpus Christi artist Mayra Zamora which you may have previously seen featured in the Vent, and whose work you have seen all over town. 

And of course as you may have heard the beloved icon Cheech Marin made another visit to The Art Museum of South Texas to screen The Cheech, a new documentary about his collection of Chicano Art. This doc was actually produced by former Corpus Christino, Edward Tyndall and features a soundtrack by El Dusty. In honor of that, we are reprinting a classic loud and proud gust of wittiness from our last sit down with Marin.  

There you have it, ‘you know who’ Magazine. The Vent can cover the arts just as good as you can and, you know what, we can cover the farts better than you could ever dream to. And we know you secretly wish you could tighten up that old butt and let out the types of thunderous clapping metaphors and juicy puns that the Vent can rip. It’s never gonna happen. 

Seriously though, with all these wonderfully artistic things happening in Corpus Christi, it really has me wondering what the hell I’m doing writing fart jokes for a living. I guess it could be worse, I could just be making farts.

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