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Wake up and Go to War


I always forget how much I enjoy writing until it’s about 10 hours before the pages of this magazine are due to the printer, and I have 4 pages to fill. I really don’t appreciate being under the gun, but I have fallen prey to this habit of not being able to write unless it’s the last possible minute. Why do I even have a deadline? Well, again it goes to my laziness. Because I print the physical newsprint version of The Vent in McAllen, the delivery driver only comes up here late Thursday/early AM Friday morning. That means I must be printed by Thursday. I could print any day I want, if I would make the 6-hour trip to the valley and back, but I mean, come on.

If any of you creatives have read The Art of War, you will recognize that I have obviously surrendered that fight. That book teaches that in order to be productive you must simply do the work. Just sit down and start typing even if you don’t want to and even if you have no idea about what you should be typing. Of course, this is meant to be a warm up leading to the greatness that will eventually come if one just does the work. Nobody is supposed to actually read the crap that comes out of your head for the first few pages or so, or it might sound something like the piece you are currently reading. A bunch of double talk and circular empty calorie writing.

But who knows, maybe your old friend Wil Vent will get on board the 2020 train and make some changes. Perhaps, I’ll make a joke about killing the president and that will be my big break or my undoing. Ugh, it’s 50 minutes until pages are due and I still don’t know what to put on page 10! Lucky for me I have a baker’s dozen years of content to regurgitate.

Moving on, there are a lot of cool ads in this issue! Starting with the cover. An overachieving nephew, friend of mine, gifted the cover to their Uncle for Christmas/Hanukkah, so be sure to support the people that make The Vent possible. Also take note that American Bank Center has thrown their hat into the ring of advertisers once again. They are promoting comedian Rodney Carrington. I had never checked him out before, mostly because I thought, even though I am totally gay for Timothy Olyphant in a Stetson, I wouldn’t like a comic in a cowboy hat (Yes, I can be a stereotypical prick too), but as I procrastinated writing this issue, I watched his 2014 special, which was filmed in Dallas, and I could not stop laughing, absolutely hilarious. Especially his song about how showing your boobies can save the world.    I will have some free tickets to giveaway to that show on January 18th, so in honor of Rodney himself, guys and gals can text those booby pics and see if you win. (Yes, I can be a shameless creep too) Wil Vent: 361-549-6213

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