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Vent Magazine Heiress Will Have to Wait on Braces


After a final decision made by her father to hold off on any further dental work, Lilly Vent, the 13-year-old daughter of the local media mogul Wil Vent has been once again disappointed. 

The events transpired after a long-awaited and twice-rescheduled orthodontist appointment on October 2nd. It was already a stressful day as pages for the October issue of the Vent Magazine were due just 24 hours after the examination and Wil Vent was still struggling to come up with ideas to write about.  

Sources close to the Vent family reported that the current dental insurance situation is weak at best and all that was covered by their provider was this one initial consultation. 

Mr. Vent tried to explain to his daughter that with the print industry on its deathbed, the $6000 expense would take decades to accumulate. He then tried to console her by taking her out for pizza, but only at one of the restaurants with whom he trades advertising for free food. The young heiress took this as an empty gesture.

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