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Tornadoes + Destructive Winds AKA Storm Farts


by Alan Holt

Did you think you knew all the ways you might die during a hurricane – think again. 

Tropical cyclones also produce tornadoes. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? These tornadoes most often occur in thunderstorms embedded in rain bands, also known as the hurricane shrimp tails, which are well away from the center of the hurricane aka the shrimp anus of the storm; however, they can also occur near the brown eyewall. Tornadoes produced by tropical cyclones are relatively weak and short-lived, but still pose a threat, not unlike an undercooked gulf shrimp. 

Hurricane force winds of 74 mph or more can destroy buildings, mobile homes, trees, and power poles. Some Docs have claimed that when winds hit 88 mph “you’re gonna see some serious shit”.  The strongest winds break in a region of the hurricane called the brown eyewall. Wind gusts in the right side of the eyewall are the most destructive. While storm farts on the left side can be silent but deadly. Hurricane force farts can be felt as far as 150 miles from the coast and smelled even farther. 

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