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This 9/11, Never Forget: Tim Dillon is Coming to Corpus Christi, Texas.


(2 min. read for anyone with at least a 6th grade education)

Tim Dillon may not be a household name just yet, and even when he does become that well-known around the country,(either for his comedy or for his inevitable murder/suicide in some minor eatery in Long Island) the average Corpus Christino still won’t know who the hell he is. But, when the news of that dead/killer comedian hits our favorite true-crime podcast, a few dozen/hundred of us will think to ourselves… isn’t that the guy we saw that time at that comedy thing. Yes, yes it was. 


I’ve been listening to The Tim Dillon Show podcast for a couple of years now. When I heard him ranting about the benefit of pandemic school closures forcing school shooters to kill their families instead of their classmates for a change… that’s when I started shelling out the extra $5 on Patreon for the second weekly dose of his tremendously irreverent comedy.

Beyond a few short clips on YouTube,I’ve never seen Tim Dillon do stand-up. I can only hope it’s similar to the stream-of-consciousness style he adopts for his podcast (which if you ask me is more improv comedy than it is stand-up). No, I won’t use this write up to go into my stance that improv is actually a higher form of comedy than traditional stand-up, but please PLEASE ask me about that any other time. Please.

So… who is Tim Dillon exactly? One of the great truth-tellers of our time? Some guy with a spot on Joe Rogan impersonation? Just another fat gay comedian? Just another fat gay improviser? I guess the only way to answer all these super-important questions is to shell out the $35 and find out for yourself this weekend. 

For those of you who will be attending other comedy themed events on 9-11, you can still catch Tim Dillon in Corpus Christi on Thursday Sept. 9th and Friday Sept. 10th. Something tells me he will still be broaching the subject of 9/11. Look it’s gonna be a fucked up weekend, so you might as well have some control over the type of fucked it’s gonna be. Spend the 20th anniversary of one of the worst days in recent history with one of the most brilliant comedians… in recent history….. depending on who you ask.

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