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The Death of TV News


By Wil Henneberger

Corpus Christi News Now has been up and running for almost a full year now. Don’t feel bad if you are late to the party. If you spend hours on Facebook like the rest of us then you have probably come across one of their stories, and maybe not even noticed. I only recently started to pay attention to the CCNN page even though it seems that I liked it months ago.

The Vent wanted to run a spotlight on some of the recent stories and show just how much reach this up and coming news source has gained. Truth be told, The Vent needs to step up its digital game… maybe this friendly coverage will lead to a partnership of some kind. What do you say? I even have the slogan: “CCNN- Real News NOW & The Vent – Fake News Whenever”.

If you aren’t already following the biggest trend in Corpus Christi local news then put down this silly joke paper and head over to And then pick the paper back up and keep reading. I worked all night on this stuff.

CCNN teams up with its followers who keep an eye out and reach out whenever they have a story that they think Corpus Christinos should know about. With just under 25,000 followers in their first year, they have already been noticed by local news and some have even come to them for content for their TV programs.

After posting the story of a woman claiming she was assaulted by the owner of a local nightclub, numerous people came forward with other videos and stories documenting more abuse by the accused club owner.

CCNN is also playing a vital role in exposing bullying in local school and working to organize parents in order to help make our schools safer for our kids. The numbers don’t lie. CCNN is getting consistent engagement from followers and reach upwards of 250,000 on some posts and regularly scoops stations like KIII and KRIS by as much as a full day.