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Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generationals


by Wil Henneberger

August 17th – Antone’s Nightclub, Austin, TX

If you aren’t already, get familiar with Generationals. Yes Generationals, with no “The”. I know, but hey, when you start your own super catchy indie pop band you can decide whether or not to include a prefix in your name. Good luck putting together anything that comes close to the head-swaying goodness playing right now and distracting me from writing this damn review. 

Sure there are plenty of great people working hard to make some pretty amazing things happen in my HQ city of Corpus Christi, so, uh, I would never venture to San Antonio or Austin just to see a band, but… since I happened to be in the capital to help move my son into his first real apartment, I might as well catch a show, right… and I may as well catch it at the renown Antone’s.   

As an upper 30-something, for shows like this, I usually find a cozy spot at the back of the venue with the asthmatics avoiding the synthetic fog-filled stage. I don’t always know the words to all the songs by the bands I see live, but this time I really regretted that. Thankfully the band was generous enough to throw in a gentle cover of Rancid’s Ruby Soho for the 90’s skater-punks like myself. Generationals create the perfect soundtrack to your life, if your life is a series of amazing first dates. It’s the kind of music you want on the speakers while you’re getting to know a new friend or if you just want to pop in the earbuds, hijack an electric scooter and get a little bit introspective.

Their latest record Reader As Detective is just over a month old and if you need a track to convince you to absorb the entire album, I suggest  I Turned My Back on the Written Word as a proper jumping off point. You’re welcome.

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