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Slightly Random with Slightly Stoopid


By Wil Henneberger

Since the virgin age of 14 (circa 1994), I’ve had a love for all things Ska, Reggae, Dancehall or any other upbeat, guitar-muting or horn-laced genre I could aurally absorb. For as long as I have been listening to reggae, Slightly Stoopid has been playing it. Which, according to the 10,000-hour rule, makes them experts. Still, the laid-back, humble tone of the band’s personalities reflects anything but elitism and superiority, as demonstrated by the fact that one of them took the time to answer some of the most ridiculous questions I could come up with.

The Vent Daily: You guys are from San Diego, CA- Did you ever go to Tijuana when you were young and see the black and white stripe painted donkey and really think it was a Zebra? …cause I did.
Ryan Moran: I know exactly what you’re talking about. I used to go to TJ a lot when I was like 18. Once you turn 21 it kind of loses its significance. Yeah, I went down there, I pretty much knew it was a donkey. It looks more like a donkey, not a Zebra.

VENT: I grew up in Chula Vista in the 80’s; this was pretty close to Ocean Beach where Slightly Stoopid originated. Any chance you remember me. I’ve included a picture.
will young
RyMo: I didn’t [personally] grow up in San Diego. So no I don’t remember you.

VENT: If you could add another instrument to the band what would it be?

RyMo: Didgeridoo player.

VENT: Any plans to visit the beach while in Corpus Christi? Ever been before?

RyMo: I’ve been by it, I’ve never been in the water. Yeah, if we have time and it’s not 300 degrees, I’ll definitely try to get in the water.

VENT: I used to play drums in a ska band… our record for number of band members in one vehicle was 7 in a sedan. Before you had a van or bus, what were the most bodies you fit into one vehicle to get to a show?

RyMo: I used to have a truck so we would sit three of us in the front and then put gear in the back… that’s pretty much it.

VENT: When I lived on the military base near San Diego, they were filming Top Gun there. Not to brag, but my dad was an extra in it… what’s your favorite part of that movie, or any Tom Cruise film?

RyMo: That’s a good one… The flying scenes were pretty cool.

VENT: Do you believe that reggae has healing powers? Do you think it can help with this rash I have? (I have not included a picture)

RyMo: Yes, I believe it has therapeutic qualities. Probably not going to help your rash.
Slightly Stoopid will be bringing their 2016 Return of the Red Eye tour featuring SOJA, Zion-I, The Grouch and Eligh, through Texas mid July, so be sure to visit for info. and tickets.

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