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Scabby Rocks (How I meet Your Fathers) Feb 2019


Face To Face

It’s a special Valentine’s edition of Scabby Rocks for all you lovers out there. Now I know what you are asking; what does a streetwalking junkie like me know about Love? Well, believe it or not I have found love more than a few times. I’m reminded of a fling in the late 80’s with one of my many soul mates Trever Keith. He was the first trick I ever made sex to face to face. Before I met Trev, Scabby was strictly doggie style. Trev taught me that eye contact could be as hot as penis contact. He went on to front some amazing punk band, I forget the name, but guess what… they will be coming through town on Feb. 15th to play House of Rock, one of my favorite venues, and not just because they let me use their sink to give myself an occasional whore’s bath. 

Tickets are on sale, now at! 

After Trever broke my heart I needed to find someone more sensitive…


Better Oblivion Community Center

Did I ever tell you about the summer I spent in Omaha with Conor Oberst? It was so beautiful. That guy could get deep and not just in me. But I guess that summer meant more to me than it did to him, ‘cause now he’s touring around with Phoebe Bridgers in their new project Better Oblivion Community Center. Pretty sad that I had to hear about this in a press release. Would it have killed you to make a phone call? Sure I don’t have a phone but everybody knows you can ring me at the bar near my corner. I guess I’m just some lover you don’t have to love.

I suppose it’s easier to just surprise-release a self-titled debut album online than deal with a crazy ex. Dammit Conor! You know I don’t have the Internet! I’ll have to wait for the physical release on February 22nd via Dead Oceans. And don’t think I didn’t see you on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with…her. You better believe I’m going to catch you at the Mohawk in Austin on April 9th and I’m going to get the explanation you owe me. I loved you Conor.


Fearless Records Anniversary

Here is some less depressing news; Fearless Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! They have a ton of stuff planned to celebrate the label’s legacy, along with heir incredible artists, and fans.

“2019 is going to be wild. Not only is it shaping up to be our biggest release year yet, but it’s also Fearless’ 25th anniversary as a label. We are so incredibly excited to start unveiling all the insane things we will be doing. On the 25th of each month throughout 2019, they’ll release a new 7″ vinyl pressing that’ll feature two tracks from current & alumni Fearless artists starting with a Hey There Delilah 7” Vinyl from the Plain White T’s. Talk about your perfect Valentine’s gift. Stay tuned for more #Fearless25th news including special vinyl releases, unique events, contests and more. Sadly, I don’t think I could ever last 25 plus years with anyone. I’m sure I’ll die alone in the trunk of some senator’s town car.


Sunflower Bean

Maybe I need to take another break from dudes altogether… the last time I got experimental and fell in love with a member of the fairer sex, it was with the coolest chick. Her name was Julia Cumming and believe me, we both were. She plays bass and sings vocals for New York trio Sunflower Bean.

When I meet her last year they had just released their critically acclaimed sophomore album Twentytwo in Blue, earning year-end list nods from the likes of Paste, NME, Rough Trade, Newsday, and more. Now they are kicking off this year strong with the release of their incredible new EP King Of The Dudes, which of course was inspired by her time spent with me.

The band says “This EP does not give a fuck. It’s reactionary, and a sharpened response to our times. Death, birth, aggression, addiction, and power. Twentytwo In Blue allowed us to find our strength and on King Of The Dudes we use it, no holds barred.” Now if that doesn’t sound like it’s inspired by Scabby, then you have never spent $8 and 20 minutes in a gas station bathroom with me.

Unlike with those stupid boys, we left things on good terms, which is why I plan to catch both of their upcoming Texas dates where they will be supporting Courtney Barnett, February 17th in Dallas and 18th in Houston.


At the end of the day I hope that all of my old lovers out there, paying and non-paying are happy this Valentine’s Day. And best of all, I don’t have to buy any of them gifts since I have already given them all the gift that keeps on giving. …I’m talking about Herpes.

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