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Rob Garrison 1960 – 2019


On September 27th, 2019 Robert Garrison was called home to that great big strip mall dojo in the sky at age 59 when God struck first, struck hard, and showed no mercy. Garrison is best known for his role as “Tommy” according to reputable news sources but we know him simply as the “get him a body bag” guy. 

Garrison is preceded in death by one of the opposing frat members from Animal House and Bully #2 from Better Off Dead.

You might think that being cast as the 4th best martial artist in a teenage karate gang from Southern California would be the pinnacle of Garrison’s career but he went on to do episodes of both MacGyver and Coach. Robert got a chance to reprise his role in season 2 of Cobra Kai which was received well earlier this year by people that pay for YouTube Premium and are desperately clinging to any memory of their youth. When not acting, Garrison spent his time making appearances with fellow Cobra Kai alum William Zabka, speaking out against bullying in schools, and reminding people he was also in Iron Eagle. 

As far as second tier 80s teen movie bullies go, you were the best around, but Robert Garrison you’re dead to me.

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