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Ric Ocasek 1944 – 2019


Ric Ocasek, singer and guitarist for the Cars has moved on to his newest solo project, The Hearse.

He was a pillar of the hip synth-driven new wave movement that began in the 70’s, now in his 70’s, he was better described as old wave with a synth hip, just happy to have a nice bowel movement.  

Ocasek produced records for Bad Brains and Bad Religion but ultimately died of a bad heart. 

While the official report by the New York City Medical Examiner listed heart disease as the cause of death, many music industry insiders believe that Ocasek’s heart, and possibly his soul, had basically been sucked dry by Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo, and no longer had the strength to sustain life. 

The musician’s grandmother gave him his first guitar, just as many modern Cars fans inherited their first Cars album from their dead grandparents.

Over the years, The Cars have struggled to remain relevant after the advent of services like Uber, self driving technology and Panic at the Disco. 

He is survived by 7 Cars albums which are regarded as his greatest accomplishments, and 6 sons.

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