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Middle East Market and Restaurant: Corpus Christi’s Hidden Gem (Actually it’s on Everhart)


Seeing as you are reading this, you must have already seen many of the delicious meals and treats on the cover. Maybe you actually hate this publication, but those plates full of meats and juicy veggies were so captivating that you had to grab a copy anyway. Well, thanks… I guess. 

If you are a normal person, you eventually find that we all usually just eat at the same rotation of restaurants over and over again… Well, it’s time to break that corporate franchise cycle and get to the Middle East Market and Restaurant. I had the chance to speak with owner, Mitchell Hamauei about one of Corpus Christi’s most underrated cuisine experiences.


How did the Middle East Restaurant come to be?

Well, we started with the market and a small deli, just selling sandwiches, and eventually we opened a restaurant called Aladdin’s in 2006, at a different location, but I was waiting for the space to be available next door to the Market, so when that happened I was able to open it there. 

For someone who has never tried Greek and Middle Eastern food, how would you describe it?

It’s very flavorful and if you want it spicy, we can make it spicy for you. Not all of it is spicy or out of the ordinary. We basically have different names for the same food you would eat anywhere else. Different names for chicken or sandwich, a gyro is just a Greek taco. A sandwich is a shawarma.

What are some dishes you would recommend?

Our most popular is our gyro Sandwich and gyro plates. Second most popular is our shawarma trio, that has a combination of chicken, beef, and gyro meat on one plate with some hummus.

How about for dessert?

The favorite is our baklava. We make everything fresh in house.


Corpus Christinos, there is no excuse not to add Middle East Market and Restaurant to your regular food rotation, I’ll prove it.

Excuse: I suffer from severe agoraphobia and can’t leave my house without having a panic attack.

Solution: Lucky for you, we offer delivery via Favor and DoorDash.

Excuse: I have to go to my sister’s 3rd wedding.

Solution: Great news, we offer catering!

Excuse: I just ate.

Solution: Since when has that ever stopped you!?

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