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March 2016 Horoscopes


by Stella Starr

Happy birthday Pisces! With the sun in your house of love and romance you can expect some sizzling hot nights this month. Your partner will be peeling you off the ceiling. But be sure to keep it clean or you will be peeling your knickers off the wall. Eeew.

Venus is in your house of relationships, ushering in a new period of honesty and openness in your love life. Unfortunately it also means your wife will find out how wide open your secretary has been during your evening conferences when she finds the Instax mini prints in your sock drawer.

Stubborn Mars heads to your relationship and partnership sector during the first week of March, and he’s planning on hanging around until late fall. You will be walking on eggshells around your partner and some family members of the opposite sex. You may want to cease and desist in terms of hooking up with your mate (they are so not-into-you right now) and resort to playing the banjo. At least until Mars departs in the last week of the month.

This month’s solar eclipse in your house of finance and partnerships means the end of something and a possible new beginning. This is a good thing, though. A current plan may not be feasible at this point. Forge ahead, as the stars are shining on you.

After the first week of the month Venus moves into a more favorable position, allowing you and your partner to plumb the depths of your relationship issues. You will also be able to move your best friend’s husband into a favorable position and allow him to finally plumb your depths.

The first week and a half of the month is prime for open communication, both in your career and personal life. Schedule a one-on-one with the boss to propose that project you’ve been tinkering with. Venus cavorting in your house of sexual desire will also be conducive to a little one-on-one with that not-so-little handyman you’ve been eyeing. Go for it, girl!

Ah, Virgo! Isn’t it time you dropped the wide-eyed innocent act?? Hot to trot Venus gets into a scintillating three-way with the Sun and Mercury this month, stirring up some pretty powerful yearnings. Add to that the solar eclipse in your relationship sector, plus grounding Neptune smack dab in the center of your sign all month, and it all adds up to some bold moves on your part. Happily, those around you will respond with gusto, and you may have more than one playmate for the next few months.

If you are feeling frisky and full of love, make your move (or moves) before the 12th. Venus will be in a favorable spot until then, making you purr with contentment. After that, however, little annoyances and squabbles could turn into major rifts, particularly with close family members. Fortunately these issues will resolve themselves without a whimper by mid April. Try a little self love in the meantime.

Sensual Scorpio, the zodiac’s sexy beast! You have all the stars shining on you this month. (But when do you not?) You don’t get a mere ménage a trois-you get FOUR planets all working in your house of sex. That means lots of action, but this time it could be more meaningful than you’ve experienced in the last year or so. Don’t skip your monthly waxing, doll; sleek is still the key, despite what Gwynnie might say.

Testy Mercury and flaky Neptune clash in your house of relationships early this month. Watch what you say around your loved ones, because even a casual comment could turn explosive. You will also feel more cocky than usual, and you will end up rubbing even casual acquaintances the wrong way.

The first two weeks of March triggers the nester in you, Cap. You’ve always put priority on financial and emotional stability, but you go into overdrive this month, thanks to Neptune making a brief, fear-inducing trip through your house of finances and home life. No worries, though: your portfolio is solid, and your partner is finally giving up her side guy.

Venus skittering from your sign into Pisces this month is a good thing for you. You will find yourself looking on the bright side of everything and strengthening bonds with long-estranged friends and family. You will also attract the attention of your ideal mate, but he/she will not take the form of the familiar. You will be surprised, but happily. The best is yet to come.

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