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Kevin Hart Wreck Criticized by Auto Accident Elitists


by Wil Henneberger

Megastar and comedian Kevin Hart was involved in a car accident earlier this month that has the internet ablaze. While almost everyone who heard the news was immediately supportive, there were a number of critics that were not pleased at all. 

The Entertainment Editor of the Vent Magazine had this review of the event: 

“We’ve seen it all before Kevin; the frantic jumping around, the pyrotechnics… not impressed. The problem isn’t that we don’t like Kevin Hart, it’s that we know he is capable of so much more but chooses to cater to the masses with such basic style choices. Where are the risks? Where is the Heart, Mr. Hart? 

Several other automobile accident critics have called this accident derivative, and some even called Hart a hack after learning that he wasn’t even the one driving. 

Another less restrained commentator wrote:

Kevin Hart’s latest attempt to join the upper celebrity ranks of automobile tragedy ended in what can only be described as a mediocre attempt to mimic the true fame of people like Princess Diana, James Dean, or even Paul Walker.

On the scale of comedian car crashes this was closer to a David Spade and didn’t even come close to a Tracy Morgan. 

While these opinions are very much in the minority, they have received more attention than the typical view being expressed, that all car accidents are subjective and should be left to the interpretation of each individual.

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