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Dear Will Vent,


Don’t think I don’t see you every morning driving into the side parking lot to drop off your brat kid at school. THERE IS A SYSTEM IN PLACE! You have to wait in line like every other parent, and you can drop off your kid when I tell my 4th grade minions to let you into the driveway. I am the mother***ing king of this school zone, DO YOU GET THAT!  How dare you even question my authority! Do not even look in my direction until you hear me blow my whistle, you inferior piece of crap. All of you “college graduates”, with your “office jobs” and your “expense accounts” and “double Windsors”… well from 7:45 until 8:15, you are all my b*tches. That’s right…GO…Now STOP! GO ON, what are you waiting for. STOP!  Oh, hi Mrs. Ramirez. Good Morning. Of course you go right in… you fine a$$ mother I’d like t— BEEEEEEP. WHAT THE FU… I know you didn’t honk at me from that ghetto POS. Looks like your kid is gonna be late today.


CCISD Janitor/ Crossing Guard Specialist

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