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More bad news for Bill Cosby as he continues to feel the consequences of crimes he committed in the prime of his career. Yale University has revoked his honorary degree – the first time in their history to do so. Officials at Northwestern University will meet soon and decide whether they will do the same. The serial molester has been booted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and removed from the website of the Television hall of fame. All of the restaurants within the delivery zone of his home, in which he remains on house arrest awaiting sentencing, have refused to bring Cosby a decent meal. Now it seems the Internet Movie Database of record plans to erase Bill Cosby’s profile and all works with which he was affiliated.

“The revelations over recent years have tainted nearly all of the titles on the actor’s profile,” said Col Needham, CEO of “I mean, how can we have Ghost Dad listed right there next to his Touched By An Angel credit. It’s sick and not the narrative we want to portray on our #MeToo friendly site.

Other titles that make this purging of Cosby’s profile seem sensible if not necessary include the 1977 Film, A Piece of the Action; 1975’s Let’s Do It Again. Numerous Fat Albert and Little Bill credits, which, thanks to courtroom testimony, we now know, were pet names for the creator’s penis in varying states of flaccidity. Not to mention I, Spy the show Cosby was on when several of his crimes were committed will always sound just a little bit creepier now.

When we asked why the same procedure has not been considered for the profile of Harvey Weinstein, Needham told us that to get that answer we would have to subscribe to IMDbPro, knowing full well that we never would.

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