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Hopeless Records Founder Louis Posen – Hopelessly Devoted to Taking Action


The Take Action Tour is the longtime non-profit side project of Louis Posen the founder of Hopeless Records. I’m not sure what Hopeless Records means to you, to my wife it means Yellowcard… to my sisters; The Used or All Time Low, and don’t get my Brother started on Bayside. For me Hopeless Record’s CD Samplers were a cheap source of punk and ska at a time when I was making decisions between Mustard Plug merch, or lunch for that day. So when I got to interview the man behind the compilations of my misspent youth, I had to first and foremost say thanks.

Vent: I have to say a special thanks to you. I was one of the kids with little money who grew up on inexpensive CD samplers like the ones you put out.

Louis: Thank you so much!

Vent: Lets cover the basics, how do you decide what bands and what cause to include in the Take Action Tour each year?

Louis: In the first year of the Take Action Tour, we used to send out submission request and hunt down artists interested in connecting their music to raising funds and awareness for important cases. Now that Sub City and Take Action have been around more than 14 years, we put together Take Action Tours based on when artist come to us and are interested in doing the tour. Charities are typically picked by the headlining artist, but in some cases we have a relationship with a charity that fits well with a headliners passion.
Vent: Music has always been there for me during the rough times. What music has been there for you over the years, and why do you think it can be such a powerful tool for coping with pain?

Louis: I love so many things from The Beatles, The Clash, Tom Petty to Ella Fitzgerald. I don’t think I am qualified to know why music is effective or not as a coping mechanism, but from my experience it triggers feelings in the mind and body that can take you to a different place then you are currently thinking and feeling.

Vent: My brother just got his organization going, the goal is to be like the USO but for a younger generation of soldiers. Do you have any advice for him in his first year of taking action?

Louis: Do as much research as you can, find a mentor(s), be very transparent; first crawl, then walk, then run and run the organization like Coach John Wooden ran the UCLA basketball program.

Vent: Lastly, besides supporting the Take Action Tour, how else do you suggest young people can do their part?

Louis: Be kind and respectful to yourself and others. Do something greater than yourself. Find causes you’re passionate about and connect them with your talents, skills and activities.

Check out the 2014 Take Action Tour featuring The Devil Wears Prada, for more information type Take Action Tour into the search engine of your choice.

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