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George H W D E A D Bush


George Herbert Walker Bush

George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States was 86’d on November 30th. A representative of the family told reporters that the new season of House of Cards didn’t technically kill him… but it didn’t help.

Bush was able to miss Trump’s inauguration due to pneumonia, but to miss his second term he had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Before dying he instructed his son George, “for god’s sake, keep Jeb out of your moms dresses”, and his final words were, “there are two things in the world you can depend on… death and tax cuts.”

He left the majority of his estate to his favorite charity, the DNC, but did say that his son George could now have the extra “H” from his name.

Political analysts say that his death was the first step toward a long-awaited regime change in Hell.

Melania Trump could be heard mourning throughout the White House, screaming, “It shoulda been you… IT SHOULDA BEEN YOUUUU!

At his funeral, George W. Bush said “I am deeply sad for the passing of a great… honorful man.” He then insisted that his father died from the Parkinson and not because he forgot to put the brake on dad’s wheelchair on the boat ramp.

George Herbert Walker Bush you are dead to me.