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Feathered Friends & Co. celebrates 40 Year Anniversary in Parakeet Years (5 Human Years)


Interview by Wil Henneberger

One thing about being an artist and not a businessperson, is that since I am not doing what I do for the money, I get to decide whom I do and do not work with. Looking through the Vent’s ads you can be sure that all of the owners of these businesses are very cool, very chill people.

Once in a while we have the chance to spotlight one of the businesses that supports the Vent and right now that business is Feathered Friends & Co. By the way, if you haven’t seen an article on one of our advertisers, it isn’t because they don’t deserve one, it’s because I’m a lazy self-absorbed hack. Speaking of my narcissistic tendencies, I’m two paragraphs into this and haven’t even mentioned my buddy Marcus.  

Marcus Lozano has been with the Vent, pretty much, since the opening of FF&Co. As I recall he was a fan of the magazine and reached out to me about running an ad. This must be correct because, like I said, I’m lazy and don’t get out there and sell ads like I should… if only all Vent fans would start a successful business the way Marcus did.

He is super energetic and loves what he does. He doesn’t just own a local bird shop, he is building up a solid and colorful bird scene in our city. He is involved in the community, taking these amazing birds to schools for kids to get an up close look, helping with local bird events, and he even helps birds find mates… Sure all of this is good for business but it’s all just very cool. 

So enjoy this brief interview with Marcus and be sure to check out the shop at 4642 Kostoryz.

Vent: What made you decide to go into the bird biz? 

Marcus: As a kid birds and birding had always been a hobby turned passion. At a young age my birds were providing local pet shops with babies and when I was old enough to work directly with customers, I cut out the middleman. People were lining up at the front door to my house to have a hand-raised baby.

V: Why is a bird an optimal pet? 

M: I hate to answer a question with a question, but what other pet can talk back to you? Lol, I am also a dog and a cat person but birds have speech ability, most species can live upwards of 30 years, and birds can be extremely affectionate. 

V: What’s a good age to get your first pet bird? 

M: If you’re thinking of getting a pet bird, 7 really seems to be the lucky number. That’s about the time most children understand the importance of proper maintenance. Food, water, cleaning etc.

V: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard a bird say? 

M: The weirdest thing I’ve ever heard a bird say was, “Turn off the lights Johnny”  Nobody in that house was named Johnny lol. Some times birds tell our dirty secrets. Ha ha. Maybe thats why that bird ended up in our shop!

V: My grandma had a bunch of pet birds when I was growing up, does this mean she was cooler than I thought? 

M:Absolutely! And she was never alone. Nobody ever has just one bird. 

V: Who is your favorite bird name Celeb?

Russell Crowe

Larry Bird

Robin Williams

Other M: I gotta go with Raven Symone!

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