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Congressman claims 47% of Democrats Ride the Short Bus


Congressman Blake Farenthold is taking heat from his party after the release of a video in which he makes offensive remarks about American Democrats. The now widespread clip was recorded two years ago at a pajama party fundraiser.

In the clip Farenthold address an elite group of scantily clad women, saying, “It’s really no use trying to convince democrats of anything, 47% of them are already riding the short bus.” He continues, “All we can really do is tell those little democrat fellas they’re doing the best they can and maybe hand them out a cookie or a juice box.”

This comes in the wake of several gaffes, by a number of different Texas republicans. Last week Senator John Cornyn was overheard saying that 47% of the new Ben Folds Five album is derivative bullsh*it. While earlier this month, Governer Rick Perry, commented to his barber that, “47% of Jews have, black people hair.”

So far, the blowback from these comments has caused a dip in support from voters in the decent human being community. While support among a**holes continues to increase.

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