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Dead To Me Obit: Harold Ramis


Harold Ramis died at age 69 from complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. Known as the brains behind the Ghostbusters crew to many you were more than that to others. “Egon” to rest with other second city alums like Belushi and Radner your legacy lives on. Even though you were snubbed by Satan himself, Lorne Michaels, you did what any talented American would do and went to Canada as head writer for SCTV. As a film writer, you introduced me and so many other horny teenage boys to the glories of raunchy comedy with writing contributions to films like Animal House and Stripes. Your hay day will always be remembered when you couldn’t spell comedy without a little “T” and “A.” Even travesties like Caddyshack II couldn’t make us stay mad at you for long. I wish your last day on earth could have been Ground Hog Day so you could live it over and over again but it just wasn’t so. Harold Ramis, you are dead to me.