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The Vent is Going To Bug You So Much When You Win


An interview with possible Congressman Eric Holguin:

First off, why did you decide to run this year?

With everything that has happened since the 2016 election, I felt it was time for me to step up. As a millennial, we are always being told to “wait your turn”, and I was getting so angry, not only with where our country is headed, but where Texas and the 27th Congressional District of Texas are headed. It became abundantly clear that new energy, fresh faces, and effective ideas were needed to get our community moving forward – I have the thick skin and experience to do this. In this district, we’ve been stuck in the past and it shows all around us. So it’s time to take things into our own hands.

How would you try to convince a Trump supporter to vote for you?

For me, it’s about asking; what are the issues that affect our daily lives and where can we meet in the middle? I was recently approached by an older Trump supporter who is a US Veteran. He said he would love to support me because I’m new and he is tired of seeing the same establishment candidates. In terms of ideological differences, there is going to have to be an understanding that we aren’t going to agree on a lot of these wedge issues that get people fired up real quick. It’s having that tough conversation and saying, “Look, your roads are terrible. Your healthcare costs are skyrocketing. There is no sense of solid employment in your district. How can we fix this?”

Can you reassure us that you are not going to help Congress take all of our guns away?

As someone who knows how to use guns, and comes from a law enforcement family – I can assure you that our Second Amendment will stay in place. Though, we do need to have a productive conversation on how we can move forward with gun safety and best protect our communities.

What kind of music gets you pumped up before giving a speech?

I like to listen to feel good and positive music before giving a speech or working a room. Anything from Top 40 to classic country to 90’s. Since I play guitar and have performed many times, music keeps me grounded and clears my head. Having the right song in your head before going into any situation can really set your mood and attitude.

What is your favorite political show or movie?

Scandal & House of Cards are my favorite political TV shows. Scandal can be a bit over-dramatic, but that’s what it’s there for. House of Cards is getting scary because it’s really starting to mirror our current political climate in a way.

Do you have a preferred nickname for Corpus Christi?

Corpus de Selena? Just kidding. When not in Texas, I always have to reference Corpus being “the home of Selena” and people go “Oooh! That’s right!” But I think Corpus is my go-to name. Not terribly creative lol.

Let’s say you’re in D.C. as a new Congressman, you find yourself at a political get-together, you go to the bathroom and at the urinal next to you is none other than the Commander in Chief… what do you say?

Make sure to use soap.

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