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Bernie Followers Surprised that Old People are Old


Supporters of the progressive candidate for democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders were absolutely floored when it was announced that the 78-year-old underwent a procedure for blockage in his, also 78-year-old, artery.  

Known as Bernie’s FANders, his constituency never thought that such a thing could happen to someone who was only born in 1941. Sanders is known for having die hard fans who have already vowed to vote for Bernie whether his heart is pumping or not. 

“A dead Bernie, is still better than a live Biden.” endorsed one idiotic millenial.  

Ironically, during this race, champions of Bernie have been the quickest to point out and even ridicule Joe Biden, 76, for his old-timey nature.  

Trump took to twitter following Bernie’s hospitalization tweeting, “Don’t fall for this obvious publicity stunt! The greatest HOAX ever. Leave it to the Jew to put on a big entertaining show just to make everyone think how good it would be to have free healthcare.”

Some political experts say this cardiac event will mark the end of the Sanders campaign. 

Others insist that this turn of events is irrelevant seeing as trump won the presidential election with no heart, soul, or even brain.

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