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First Woman Elected as County Judge Smoking Hot / Vent Writer Fired for Sexist Article


by Wil Henneberger

An unnamed staff writer at The Vent Daily: a monthly publication was let go this week after turning in a blatantly sexist article about her Honor Barbara Canales the newly seated Nueces County Judge.  

Canales was sworn in on January 1st and rather than to take this seriously, the longtime Vent writer decided to go for the obvious and low-hanging angle that, yes, she happens to be gorgeous AF.

This writer could have used their position to expose several aspects of this story that should have been brought to light. For example, the fact that it has been 99 years since women won the right to vote in the U.S. and only now in 2018 did our backwards county see fit to elect a woman to this prestigious post.

Instead this writer decided to focus on the fact that Judge Barbara Canales has a crazy smoking body for a mother of five children -Wait, wow! Five kids you say. That is pretty impressive… Uh, but not as impressive as raising those kids while earning degrees in Engineering and Law… right…

Aside from any offense toward Judge Canales herself, an article highlighting how lovely she is, however true it might have been, would not be fair to the rest of the homely commissioners court, Brett Chesney not included.

As editor of The Vent I want our readers to know that we hold our writers to a high standard and jokes like “She can hold me in contempt all night long…” or “may I approach the breast”, simply will not be tolerated. We have no room for the likes of silly sexist lines like “Let the record reflect that your Honor is fine as hell.” or  “Will the Defendick please rise…” That’s not even clever! I am so disappointed.

Having the final say as to what is printed in The Vent, I am glad that we were able to stop this reckless attempt to reduce our new County Judge to an object to be sexualized and I truly hope that Judge Canales will call me to discuss this further. Or just drop by, or maybe we can talk over dinner sometime. I’m down for whatever.


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