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After Blackfish Film Texas State Aquarium Announces: WHITES ONLY


by William Henneberger

Corpus Christi, TX – After CNN’s airing of the controversial new documentary Blackfish, area citizens have been more than concerned regarding local practices at The Texas State Aquarium (TSA).

Blackfish exposes the violent behavior of Killer Whales forced to live in captivity in parks such as SeaWorld, and now a growing number of Corpus Christinos are worried that similar attacks might take place closer to home.

The message coming from TSA staff members so far is… “No need to worry, when it comes to fish, the Texas State Aquarium is Whites Only”

Tom Schmid President and CEO of The Texas State Aquarium released a written statement to the press on Monday, which read, “While The Texas State Aquarium is a wonderful place where people can see and learn about many types of fish, we have always been adamant in our exclusion of the black ones. We are well aware of their propensity for violence and the general inferiority of that species.”

The statement goes on to explain , “…it is not the black’s fault that they are the way they are, it is simply in their nature and no amount of time living in captivity and no training is ever going to change what is in their DNA. Sure they might be faster and louder or jump higher than the white ones but in this world the odds are just stacked against them.”
Spending more this month on public relations, than all of last quarter, the TSA is facing this storm head on and has launched a multi media campaign to get their “Whites Only” message out to the public.

While some local residents are glad to hear that familiar tone, others are confused and offended.

“I’ve been going to the aquarium for decades,” says Don Baker, 74, “I thought they have always been whites only. Either way, its good they made it official.”

Jennifer Baker, his 22-year-oldgranddaughter shared, “I’ve always been a fan of the black ones, they are definitely my favorite. Ever since I was a teenager and we went on a special trip to San Antonio and I paid extra to ride one. It was life changing. There’s no way I can ever go back to these tiny little white ones.”

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