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Wake up & Start Charging


Corpus Christi, TX
by Will Vent
Caller Times you magnificent sonofab*tch! You did it! You glorious bastards! You figured it out. While the rest of the world is twiddling their thumbs, not knowing how to deal with the decline of print media… You took initiative and powered through until you came up with the brilliant idea to start charging for online content.

For 7 years now I have asked myself… How does one benefit monetarily from a printed publication? I thought it was from advertisers, but as all of us in the print industry know, this rarely works out. Then I thought, perhaps home subscriptions. Again I was mistaken. Some newspapers have decided it is silly to print news everyday of the week, and limited their release days. But not you, you beautiful behemoth. You delicious dinosaur of the written word.

My hat is off to you CT, can I call you CT… I only wish I had the balls to follow in your giant round Brontosaurus footsteps. Unfortunately, after last summers waterpark accident, well, you know that story. You covered it for god’s sake, and from now on when you send a fresh, spunky obit writer to get the scoop on a local man’s tragic scrotal tragedy, she’ll be earning every penny thanks to citizens willing to pay almost double the price of a Netflix subscription, to see which park the Mayor renamed.

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