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Wake Up and Rebuild (The Oso Pier)


Yes, when I look at the Oso Pier’s post-Hurricane Harvey state, I can’t help but be reminded of my lost dreams, a failed marriage, and my overall miserable life, but this isn’t another article about the desolation in which I flounder daily. This is a piece about a different kind of flounder, or more likely black trout (…or is it African-American trout?).

A couple of years ago, Outdoor Columnist for the Caller Times, David Sikes (@davidoutdoors) wrote a wonderful article that thoroughly examines the most recent reconstruction of the Oso Pier by the current owners. Even though he started his column off with an overly grand reference to Hemingway that got my hopes up, Oso Pier, Then and Now is a great story about the life of Corpus Christi’s oldest pier, built in 1948.
Aug 25
I personally have not been fishing in a long while. It was one of those things that my dad made me do (like sports or drinking milk) and now my bitter soul doesn’t allow a place for it in my life. Nonetheless, I’m no stranger to the Oso Pier. There is something about strolling far out into the bay and feeling the power of the unobstructed wind hit you. It’s the closest feeling one can have to actually walking on water.

Sadly, as you can see by the picture, after Hurricane Harvey, the historic pier no longer stands. My very basic understanding is that Oso Pier is state-owned and hence could not be insured by the owners of the restaurant. Hopefully, this means that the state will kick in some funds for the repair, but given the current statewide recovery efforts, this could mean a very long wait.

I haven’t known the owners of Oso Grill & Pier for very long, but they seem like amazing Corpus Christinos. The type of business owners that still work the kitchen themselves or who will keep the pier open well into the night/early morning as long as the fish are still biting for their customers. They are hands-on, Texas-strong local business owners who put love into what they do and now it’s time for Corpus Christi to give a little bit of love back in order to get the pier operational again.

Corpus Christi was spared the brunt of Harvey’s beating, something for which we are grateful when we consider the devastation and displacement of Texans in the Houston or even the nearby Rockport area. So do your part to help the people in need, and after that, consider supporting the Oso Pier rebuilding effort at, or by just heading out there for your next meal because unlike my marriage, some things are meant to be rebuilt.

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