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Starting A Cult with Comedian Steve Trevino


Being a comedian, it goes without saying that Steve Trevino is extremely charismatic and can command the attention of huge groups of people. That makes him the perfect person to ask for some advice about a cult I would like to start.

First off… Who should my cult worship? And why?

Richard Pryor, because he was the truth. He wasn’t afraid to be honest and open. I think all people should live that way.

Should I let other dudes in or just Ladies?

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the truth and honesty in the cult of Richard Pryor. I feel sometimes, or at least lately, Comics haven’t been as honest. All they do is tell jokes out of a joke book that they wrote on some silly Notepad, instead of just being honest and talking about life. Richard Pryor didn’t need a notepad. Which is why I try to be as honest as possible on stage.

You are from this area, where’s a good place to set up our cult’s compound?

On the Corpus Christi Bay! Because if I had my life to do all over it wouldn’t matter anyway because I’d spend it drinking on the Corpus Christi Bay.

Should we have any special requirements or dietary restrictions ?

Everyone is required to listen to Richard Pryor on a daily basis. Just to remind themselves to live an honest life and to be yourself. And of course eat Whataburger! or Jalisco #1 or 2 or 3 or 4… etc. And for sure Mac’s Pit BBQ.
Every cult needs a good name… Blue Oyster Cult is already taken, so what do you suggest?

The Hot and Humid Cult and sometimes rainy, but also gets cold, but then hot again, but always windy. Is that too long of a name?

You’re last Comedy Special on Netflix had a lot to do with Marriage, how many wives should I be allowed as the leader of this cult?

I don’t think we should be allowed to get married; I already did that and it’s a bad idea.

A lot of cults take criticism over the way they dress, what should be our cult uniform?

Yeti baseball hats, plaid shirts, jeans, Coasta sunglasses, and cowboy boots… Oh wait, that’s already a uniform in South Texas. Perfect! Looks like we already have our cult uniform!

We will need a way to financially support ourselves, what’s a good off the grid way to make some quick cash?

We hunt fish and tell jokes. I think I just described what I would like to do the rest of my life.

Lastly, when the time comes for our mass suicide, what flavor of kool-aid are you thinking we should all drink?

There’s one Kool-Aid that all Texans already drink and that’s Colorado Kool-Aid, good old Coors Light!

You can catch Steve at Live in Corpus Christi on Saturday, August 27, or anytime on Netflix. For more information visit or

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