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Selena Dead to Me: an Obituary


When I think of the great Latina vocalist Selena, I think of Corpus Christi’s long-time, aged, retired local News Anchor Walter Furley.

Stay with me here.

Once, for one of The Vent’s April Fool’s issues, I almost ran a story claiming that Furley had died. As most of you know, I have never had a problem with inventing the distasteful in the name of comedy or satire, but even my heartstrings can be tugged from time to time. As I searched through Walt’s Facebook page to find an appropriate obituary photo, I guess I clicked through one too many pictures of the old chap with his Grandchildren, and the story, unlike Furley at the time, was dead.

Since the very first year of The Vent’s publication in CC I have held on to the headline; “Yolanda Saldívar to Release Book ‘Bidi Bidi Bang Bang.’” The title was originally conjured up in the dark comedic mind of Tony J. one of The Vent’s first partners. Its irreverence was epic.

Year after year when the anniversary of Selena’s murder comes around or during the annual birthday celebrations, this story idea comes back to the front of my mind. For some reason I have never been able to bring myself to sit and write it, and it’s not just for fear it might get me cut by some super fan.

As a mostly-White, half-Hispanic young man, I did go through a Latino Pride phase during which my two favorite artists were La Mafia, whose keyboardist happens to be my mother’s-cousin’s-uncle’s-nephew, and Selena, no relation. Luckily their CD’s were available via one of my many fraudulent Columbia House Music subscriptions.
The point of all this nonsense is to say, that no matter how much The Vent pokes fun of our city and the often ridiculous things that happen here, we still hold sacred those local innovators of their fields whether alive or dead to me.

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