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Scabby on Spring Break


Spring time is here and with that comes Spring Break and more importantly Spring Breakers. Soon our lovely beaches will be littered with drunken co-eds shedding their clothing and dignity for all to see.
Now you might think that Scabby is a good time having gal and must love to get her Spring Break on. WRONG. The other working gals and I hate this time of year. There is literally thousands of sun kissed young men with pockets lined with their daddy’s money ready to diddle anything that moves, but does Scabby get any loving on the beach? Nope. Why, because of all these part time floozies out there throwing their inhibitions out and giving it away for free in the name of Spring Break. I’m all for some debauchery, but have some respect for yourselves girls. I swear if I had the fun bags of some these 20 year olds I’ve seen out here showing what the plastic surgeon gave them I guarantee you I’d get more that a string of plastic beads out of the deal. Where’s your sense of entrepreneurship ladies? If you college girls come to your senses come see Scabby, I’ll put you to work.
And to you fellas, how about you try exercising a little financial responsibility. Sure these wannabe’s may be young and firm but they have no experience. If she can’t suck an extra thick Whataburger Shake through a straw you’re wasting your cash. Think about all the money you are going to spend on beads, Patron shots, roofies, and possible legal fees just to get into some gals bikini when it is much easier and cheaper to come to your friendly neighborhood professional like Scabby.

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