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Scabby on Heathcare Repeel


Seeing how most of my customers are local congressional representatives as well as sexually repressed Republicans, I have heard more than my share about the GOP’s attempts to repeel and replace Obama Care. So I thought, who better to write on the subject of peeling and repeeling than Scabby.

Sure common knowledge tells us to let that wound scab over and heal, and once upon a time we lived in an economy where a street-walking industrialist like myself had the time to get worked over and cut up real good for that almighty dollar and then go home, take the morning to scab up, heal, and do it all again the next night. Unfortunately, these days that isn’t the case.
As a member of the low-wage service industry, I have to be available around the clock if I want to make ends meet with my tips, or make tips meet my end. I have to be willing to work three or more jobs at once or I’ll end up in the hole, and I need my holes free for work.

The very second I start to scab up, that’s time and money I am losing. Johns or Blakes don’t want to know the coarseness and hardships of my life demonstrated through the amazing healing process of my soft tissue. They want to slip in and out smoothly for 2-5 minutes while everyone at the local town hall meeting wonders where he is at.

So I have to peel and then within a few minutes I have to repeel. It’s part of the Scabby life that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If you know me then you know that I’ve has never been afraid of a little hard work. I’m always more than willing to pull myself up by the bootstraps of the coked out Congressman that is kicking me and get right back on that horse, or donkey, or elephant… it’s your money.

I don’t understand why all these Washington D.C. bungholes are so into repeeling. If you have the option then just take it easy. I think what all of you need is some time away from getting Trumped in the pink parts so you can scab over. Maybe then, you can actually start to heal.

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