Miss Cleo – “Bury Me Now”

Miss Cleo, born Youree Dell Harris, was a Leo who died of Cancer.

She had ignored countless predictions from her oncologist, or as she referred to him, a “medical psychic”, who told her that her death was approaching. Ironically, toward the end of her life she ran up her phone bill calling different doctors trying to find one that would tell her what she wanted to hear.

For someone who played a psychic on TV, she never saw the late life poverty coming, and always regretted not auditioning for the role of the lead in the USA Network’s series Psych.

When Cleo’s 7 sisters chose careers in the phone sex industry, her fraudulent psychic position marked her as her parent’s favorite.

Recently she was turned away from treatment when the hospital realized she planned to charge her treatment on a Tarot Card.

While Miss Cleo’s mother was sad to see her child pass before her time, she is glad to finally be getting all of her drapes back, save for her daughters favorite set of living room curtains in which Cleo will be adorned for her burial.

The family is taking donations for her funeral costs, which are estimated to be 9.99 for the first ten minutes. 4.99 each additional minute. If you are inclined to help, Call Them Now!.