Jerry Lewis – Nice Dead Guy

Jerry Lewis

On August 20, 2017 the somewhat racist, yet beloved (especially by the French) actor and comedian Jerry Lewis died of a broken heart due to one-to-many times of being confused for the somewhat racist, yet beloved (especially by pedophiles) musician Jerry Lee Lewis.

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in a press conference from his bathtub, that this was the saddest day in France since women started shaving their armpits.

Among several other ailments, as Lewis grew older he also lost the ability to hear his own high-pitched voice.

The great performer cornered the market on acting flamboyantly gay and partially retarded long before you had to stop calling things gay and retarded.

He is preceded in death by Dean Martin, 14-billion-trillion broken plates and thousands of Muscular Dystrophy victims, which despite all his efforts, he could not save.

Upon hearing the news of Jerry’s death Don Rickles briefly popped out of his own grave to say, “Now we know just how long Hell could tolerate Dean Martin without his better half.”