George Michael’s Last Christmas

George Michael 1963-2016
Music legend George Michael passed away on Christmas Day at his home in England at the age of 53. Out of respect for country he went out at such a young age so that there would only be one famous old queen.

For show business, he relabeled himself with two first names to compensate for the fact that he was originally called by three last names; Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.

Michael rose to fame in the’80s in the duo WHAM!, and at first report of his death, some fans hoped this was a publicity stunt to get rid of overstock Last Christmas records that were filling the singer’s living room, hallway, and downstairs half-bath.

Coroners originally thought George Michael died from not being as famous as he once was, a common celebrity cause of death or that he had played Careless Whisper on repeat and overdosed on kick-ass saxophone. As it turns out Last Christmas he gave us his heart, this Christmas he died of heart failure.

George Michael started his career as a DJ in England and ended it as a poster on DJ’s wall on Full House.

Services are being held at the Will Rogers Memorial Park public restroom.
He is survived by the other half of Wham, whoever that is.