George A. Romer-of the Dead


Writer and Director George Romero of the dead, died Sunday, July 16th 2017 of the dead in his sleep of the dead after a brief but aggressive battle of the dead with lung cancer of the dead. He was -1-years-old, in Zombie years.

He became world renown as the Father of the Zombie film genre and also had one actual daughter or something.

Romero was an inspiration to countless Mexican filmmakers who didn’t realize he was of Cuban descent.

Romero was known for the satirical aspects of his films and had just completed his latest draft for Election of the Dead, in which brainless zombies, unable to form their own opinions, elect another mindless being into power, which leads to chaos and destruction.

He was also currently making the transition to television, with projects like; Dead-ish, This is Us Dead, and My Two Deads, all slated for next Spring.

Night of the living dead fans will gather tonight for a two-night vigil to honor the night of the death that the night of the living dead dying creator died.

Young teens were planning to wait anxiously by his grave for his return, however, per his last wishes, his body will be stabbed through the brain with a piece of rusty rebar and then set on fire atop a pile of corpses.

George A. Romero, you are of the Dead to us.