Charlie Murphy – Darkness Head Toward the Light

Charlie M

1959- 2017
Charlie Murphy, AKA Darkness, AKA the guy from Chappelle’s Show, died recently in the unfunniest way possible. At 57-years-old, Eddie Murphy’s older brother, and a very successful and popular stand-up comedian in his own right gave his final closer on April 12th, 2017.

Though Charlie was a huge fan of MMA and a martial arts enthusiast the cancer still got him in a rear-naked leukemia choke hold that led to him tapping out of this world.

The talented artist seemed to be getting better with chemotherapy, however, when word got out that Rick James was talking trash about him in the afterlife, Charlie decided he had to go and whoop the ass of the “habitual realm stepper”.

For decades he inspired Hollywood and America by making films that bridged the gap between black and white people who enjoy bad cinema.

Like a good older brother, Charlie also co-took the blame for some of Eddie Murphy’s movies, like “Norbit” and “Vampire in Brooklyn.”

While Charlie and Rick James are, no doubt, now enjoying the hereafter, sadly, Prince is in a completely different weird Jehovah’s Witness Heaven playing basketball with a bunch of white people.

You were right there when, as a young boy, the movie Harlem Nights taught me how to properly use the word motherf*cker so…

Charlie Murphy, you are one dead to us mother*cker.