Bill Paxton: Silent Dyer


Bill Paxton passed away on February 26th 2017, at the age of 61 following complications from surgery. It is rumored that the star of the film Twister predicted his own death after smelling some dirt.

Paxton is preceded in death by his Twister co-star Helen Hunt’s acting career.

When asked about the death of his on-screen brother and Tombstone co-star Kurt Russell said, “Bill Paxton was in Tombstone?”

The prolific actor was known for the uncanny ability to take any role, from sci-fi to western, and do the exact same thing with it.

Director James Cameron recently said, in regards to the Titanic actor, “Bill Paxton was in titanic?”

It is often said that an actor should never be seen acting. Bill Paxton took that method even further making himself so real and so stealth that many people have simply forgotten his roles in many of the films in which he was cast.

When asked about the death of Bill Paxton, Alien said, “screech scratch squawk” which translates to “Bill Paxton was in Aliens?”