Adam West – BANG! POW! DEAD!

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 17:  Actor Adam West attends Variety's 3rd annual Power of Comedy event presented by Bing benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation held at Avalon on November 17, 2012 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage)

1928- 2017

Holy Abnormal Leukocytes Batman!
At 88-years-old, actor and icon Adam West has passed away.

Adam West leaves behind; Kanye, Fievel Goes, and South by South.

He is also survived by Burt Ward the original Robin, who is looking forward to his time in the spotlight until he dies in few weeks to be with his partner.

This was not the Hero’s only brush with death. He nearly died of a heart attack in 1995 when the Batman Forever suit with nipples was first revealed.

Writers are already working on the script for Batman vs leukemia. Spoiler: They team up in the end, and it’s a huge letdown.

Long time nemesis The Penguin said, “You should really be talking to Joker about this. I don’t think I actually have the emotional intelligence to form a valid opinion.”

“Now that he is 6-feet under, maybe we should call him Adam South West.” Cackled The Joker. “What? Too Soon?”

West’s famous character seemed to be prepared for anything, but the one thing his utility belt did not contain… was a cure.

Will Awareness of Adam West’s death grow?!
Who will become the new Mayor of Quahog?!
Will the Boy Wonder purchase an adjacent burial plot?!
Find out next week when we lay The Dark Knight to rest at the same bat time, same bat cemetery.