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The Brilliance of Buddy Cole (Not Hyperbole)

by Wil Henneberger

I can never stress enough just how important the Kids in the Hall was to me (were to me?). These five guys, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, who regularly dressed like ladies were the cornerstone (cornerstones?) of my creative foundation (foundations?).

A while back, thanks to the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, I was able to see all five of those comedy heroes live on a stage at the Paramount Theater about 30 feet away from my stupefied face. It was the best experience of my life that didn’t involve the expulsion of a placenta. When I wrote about that special time in 2013 I described the feeling of the house lights dropping and that surf-rock theme song lifting as being in comedy church.

Moontower 2016 – These Ain’t Your Parent’s Headliners (Well, one of them was…)

By Wil Henneberger

For reasons regular readers of this monthly will easily ascertain, I could not attend Austin’s Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival in 2015. The Moontower before that was my first comedy festival experience and if you were following my journey then, you remember how inspired I was after seeing several of my heroes live, especially The Kids In The Hall. 2016 was no less stimulating! Due to my 9-year-old’s kickball game on Wednesday evening I missed the first night of the fest, but I made up for it by hopping in the first bus out of town Thursday morning. By 5pm I had checked into my hostel and had my Press credentials in hand. Just in time to stand in line for the first show I planned to see. Would you like to kick off the weekend with a comedy legend? Um, sure, why not…

Thursday 4/21 – Paramount Theatre 7:00pm– Martin Short

All the big acts at Moontower play the Paramount Theatre, which as you see maintains the classic spelling of the word theater. That’s because it’s a f***ing classy joint. Shoes and shirt required and the whole bit. No popcorn sold in this Theatrah.

Wake up and Hostel

If there is one thing I have made clear throughout all of my writing, it is that I am probably a sex addict, but if one reads a little bit deeper into my prose, it would also be revealed that I am a cheap SOB. I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I don’t mind combing for gems through a pile of bulky items left out for the city to collect and dispose of. Long ago I realized that saving money is the same as making money. Well, not exactly, but at least that sounds nice and proverbial.

As a proud cheapskate headed to Austin for a comedy festival, I was on the lookout for a place to crash for a couple of nights. Since I don’t keep up with any of my quasi- friends in Austin I couldn’t very well ask to crash with them.

Mastodon – Once More ’Round The Sun

Released: June 24,2014 – Reprise

by Mike Skinner

Goddamn you, David Letterman. You know a thing or two. My father used to let me stay up super late on school nights to watch the original Late Night that came on after Carson. On some kind of very basic level, I sort of always got it. He did everything on purpose. Absurdist humor is either in you or it isn’t. It’s why only some people appreciate Broken Lizard.
His in-house band was always filled with the most amazing players. Anton Fig has been there for twenty-plus years and he’s played with everyone. Shit, the bandleader made his bones at SNL. Will Lee? Sid McGinnis? Steve Jordan? (Yeah, that Steve Jordan) Benie Worrell? Warren Zevon sitting in with David Sanborn? Oh, and don’t forget about Felicia Collins. Name me another female, front-of-the-house electric guitarist that’s ever been on television on a regular basis. I mean, I was just barely growing up and I knew then that these guys were amazing, even before I knew a thing about music.

Moontower Gives Great Headliners

by Wil Henneberger

Moontower isn’t just about the big acts… it’s about seeing some of your all-time favorite comedians up close on intimate stages. So close you could easily abduct them and force them to do a feature spot for your cocker spaniel every night, while chained to your refrigerator… if that’s your thing. That said, lets talk about famous people.

For the festival, I was furnished with a wonderful Green Press Pass. For any ladies asking, yes, it was a special all-access pass that opened any and all doors. For the purpose of this article, uh, we will assume that my Press Pass was only as valuable as your basic Fan Pass, which didn’t guarantee entry to see Headliners, but good news, I got into all three of the headliner shows I lined up for.

On Thursday, the second night of the

The Bitchin’ Kitchen at House of Rock – CC,TX

by Kat McCloud
Pics by Leslie Morin
Vent readers, get ready to stuff your face with some AMAZING dishes that will make you question how it is possible to get great music and food-network worthy cuisine in the multicultural HOR, that for eight years has been serving us up sweet jams.
Picture this: Look left…..Mad Caddies (Coming in April), Look right….delicious food that will make you forget about the band. It’s overwhelming…and it’s all YOURS!
The venue is stepping it up to a whole new level, with concept owner Casey Lain providing a shift in the playing field for bar food in our city. .
As far as the menu goes, here’s what we know:
“On the menu will be specialty pizzas (offered whole or by the slice), assorted appetizers, fresh salads and sandwiches. All menu options will be to-go friendly. On April 2nd, the kitchen will be open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Beginning April 3rd, the kitchen will be open for dinner with a limited menu. The full menu will be available the following week.”

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