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Wake up and Roast

While I am not a performing comedian, technically, I am one of the few people in Corpus Christi to make their living being funny, via this publication. I am also one of the biggest fans and well-versed students of comedy you will find in this city. Also, my mom says I’m just the most handsome boy ever. But enough about what makes me so amazing…

Wake Up and Scoot

by Wil Vent

A lot of people who have known me for years tend to think that I don’t like Corpus Christi. Sure I’ve spent over a decade making fun of our small-town-city and the sometimes small-minded people that inhabit the area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like my city. After all, anything is a step up from Kingsville, TX. When I think of Corpus Christi I think of her like a gay son in a religious family. Technically, as a father I have to love him, but I’m still gonna do my best to fix any problems. Yes, I am going to stick with this somewhat offensive metaphor…

The latest issue to rear its limp little wrist in our city has been the invasion of scooters. All this time you were worried about the Caravan heading to our southern border and you forgot to tear gas the scooters that were coming from all other directions.  Now it seems that our Council may regulate the scooter companies right out of town.

Otra Wake up…

Corpus Christinos… September means it is time for the first ever, cleverly named OtraFest presented by House of Rock! Otra – Spanish for ‘another’. AnotherFest! Very clever indeed. Three days of national, regional and local bands on the friendliest pair of stages in one of the easiest going bars/venues in Corpus Christi. Sure, I’ve been talking about starting my South by South South festival here for years, but the fine people at House of Rock actually did the work. And while these days I hardly even leave my house, I still greatly support any and all efforts made to bring something new and fun to our small-town-city.

Wake up and get Ill

I have always been jealous of my buddy Tony Jaramillo. While I spent my youth in Kingsville, Texas, he was coming of age on the east coast. Once upon a time, many years ago, he took whatever tunnel or bridge or ferry you take to go into ‘the city’ (I don’t know how it works) and he saw the Beastie Boys live, on tour with Run DMC, no less. He did also end up in Kingsville, where we met, so maybe I shouldn’t be too jealous.

Licensed to Ill was one of the first CD’s I ever bought, which you can read about this issue in an ‘encore’ printing of the Beastie Boys chapter from my book, which at current rate may never be finished. I’ve been a fan of Mike D, Ad Rock, and the late MCA for over 20 years and on

Wake Up and Call Out A Thief

I have to give props to Eric Holguin and how gracefully he took the loss of the June 30th Special election against our new Congressman Michael Cloud. I know that democratic losses don’t come as much of a surprise since 2013 when our district went from a fairly-drawn, cute little coast-hugging strip to what now resembles an old shoe on the foot of an elderly woman trying to stomp all the Mexicans into the gulf. An old shoe, mind you, that has already been determined by a federal court to have been unconstitutionally drawn to limit the rights of Hispanics to elect the candidate of their choice.

Wake Up and Up and Up

by Wil Henneberger

There is so much going on in the Vent this month that I have to write several miniature Wake Ups. Could a more clever writer find some way to bring together all this information in one article, perhaps discovering a common thread between things that seem dissimilar but might actually be connected in some way that demonstrates an even greater lesson: that not only are these random subjects linked, but that all of us are too connected on some spectacular level that can only be realized while engaged in the most trippiest of mushroom-induced mental journeys? Look, I’m just a simple guy, I don’t think on that level. Go on a Sense8 bender if you need all that complicated stimulation.

Wake Up and Get Your Comic-Con On

Speaking of cult TV shows, it’s time for the second annual Corpus Christi Comic-Con. Be sure to get your passes and show support for this growing event. Meet celebs like Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk and Helen Slater of The Legend of Billie Jean- Corpus Christi’s most over exhausted claim to fame. And you know you would be proud to take your picture with Napoleon Dynamite himself.

Wake up and Don’t Speak Too Soon

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