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Wake Up and Stop Sucking, Carolyn Vaughn

by William Henneberger

As I work my way through all seven seasons of The West Wing for the fifth or sixth time, I still find myself inspired watching these brilliant characters (birthed from genius writers and tremendous actors) always trying to do the right thing. I usually align my reprise screenings of this particular show with major election cycles since it tends to get me riled up about the state of current state as well as national and local affairs. When I watch The West Wing, I find myself wondering, where are the brilliant characters of my reality, of my state, country and city. The assholes are plainly visible in these systems, but where are the Josh Lymans, and the Sam Seaborns? I’d abandon my children for a real life C.J. Cregg. The only person I know that comes close, did his part for years and is basically retired. If you don’t get what I am talking about, or if you’d like to increase your IQ by a few points, hit me up for my Netflix password and watch this show.

Wake up & Betray Your Local Comedy Scene?

by Wil Vent

There is so much important news happening right now. Joe Biden may or may not be a creep. The Mexican border may or may not be shut down. The first black/gay/female Chicago Mayor may not be elected… she was! But, let’s not talk about any of that stuff.

The Vent Daily’s top story this month is Moontower Comedy Festival. That’s right, it’s that time again. It’s time for yours truly to cram a seasons worth of exercise into four days of schlepping back and forth through the hills of downtown Austin to catch as many comedy shows as I can. I’ll be gathering up quality entertainment and photosynthesizing it into inspiration to keep me going all year through the comedy desert that is Corpus. I’m like some kind of comedy… animal that can go a long time without something because they saved up a bunch of it beforehand.

CC Roast Practice

What better way to get into the Roast Battle spirit then to Roast a few pillars of the Corpus Christi Community. Unfortunately, most of the people in CC with local celebrity status are news personalities, which mean I’ll be punching down with these jokes. Who am I kidding, I’m too afraid to punch up anyway.

Roast Rule #1- Don’t be offended… Remember, in a real roast, anything goes.

Joe Gazin (KIII News)

A lot of people don’t realize that when we see Joe on screen that is the size he is in real life.

Wake up and Roast

While I am not a performing comedian, technically, I am one of the few people in Corpus Christi to make their living being funny, via this publication. I am also one of the biggest fans and well-versed students of comedy you will find in this city. Also, my mom says I’m just the most handsome boy ever. But enough about what makes me so amazing…

Wake Up and Scoot

by Wil Vent

A lot of people who have known me for years tend to think that I don’t like Corpus Christi. Sure I’ve spent over a decade making fun of our small-town-city and the sometimes small-minded people that inhabit the area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like my city. After all, anything is a step up from Kingsville, TX. When I think of Corpus Christi I think of her like a gay son in a religious family. Technically, as a father I have to love him, but I’m still gonna do my best to fix any problems. Yes, I am going to stick with this somewhat offensive metaphor…

The latest issue to rear its limp little wrist in our city has been the invasion of scooters. All this time you were worried about the Caravan heading to our southern border and you forgot to tear gas the scooters that were coming from all other directions.  Now it seems that our Council may regulate the scooter companies right out of town.

Me the People – I Plead the First: American Assassination

By Anonymous

John F. Kennedy. Abraham Lincoln. William McKinley. James Garfield. You may recognize those names as former presidents of the United States. You may not know that all of them were assassinated. That’s right. All four of them were shot, bringing their presidential runs to an abrupt end. It’s telling that I’m guessing many of you had no idea that McKinley and Garfield were presidents, but that’s beside the point. What is the point is that people knew who they were and decided they needed to die for it.

Of course, Kennedy and Lincoln have gripped the public consciousness since their assassinations. Kennedy was a popular figure shot dead by either a lone gunman with ties to communism and a beef about Cuba or a CIA hit squad for reasons related to repeatedly stabbing Marilyn Monroe, depending on who you ask. Abraham Lincoln was, in the eyes of about half of the country, a man that literally tore the nation apart. John Wilkes Booth put a bullet in his head for that. An anarchist shot McKinley because he represented order. A deluded man thought Garfield owed him a favor (possibly on a Monday because of a missing lasagna) and killed him for it. And those are just the reasons behind the successful assassinations. Let’s look at four more names.

Andrew Jackson. Teddy Roosevelt. Gerald Ford. Ronald Reagan. This is just a small sampling of presidents that have had attempts made on their life. There are more, but in the interest of not just rattling off a list of people, I’ve chosen the most interesting to highlight. What makes them the most interesting, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that they too were all targets of gunmen (an American tradition, ladies and gentlemen), they are polarizing figures. And Gerald Ford is also on the list.

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