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Area Child Molesters Support Mayor’s Lemonade Day


Pedophiles from all the lands crammed into City Council’s hallowed chambers on the third day, of the third week, of the fourth month of this 2013th year, to show overwhelming support for the Mayor’s proclamation of Lemonade Day.

Ye Ole Mayor Nelda of Martinez declared that from now until the end of time the 11th day of May, would be “a day for children to take to the streets and sell their goods… We know our children can learn so much about how the real world works, if we just get them out on the corners selling.”

Groups of those who protect children voiced concern for the declaration, stating that times have changed and young ones were no longer safe on the streets, especially with a not yet forgotten abduction still being discussed in the Caller Scrolls.

To this the Mayor replied, “Nonsense. Tiddlywinks. Lemonade Day for all, hip-hip, hurrah!”

And the pervert filled council chambers rejoiced, as the rest of the city could all but feel the child death rate begin to rise.

“Come this 11th day of May, we no longer hunt under the cover of night,” cried one depraved supporter, “We shall taste of these boys and girl’s glorious fruits Neath the midday sun, for all to see!”

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