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666 Foot Upside-down Cross To Be Erected


The landscape along Interstate 37 near Carbon Plant road in Northwest Corpus Christi is about to change — in a big way.
In the middle of a field on the eastbound side of the interstate, a 666-foot tall upside-down cross will soon be built.
“It’ll be made of 5/8 inch cold-rolled steel, be welded, and put together in sections,” said Mick Rilby of Malevolent Life Fellowship. “The upside-down cross bar on the upside-down cross will be 195 feet wide. It will be 12 feet in diameter. The upside-down cross is so massive and so tall it will have a two-foot deflection at the top, it will actually sway in the wind two feet back and forth.”
Rilby and Lucy Phur of Malevolent Life Fellowship are the masterminds of the Corpus Christi Upside-down Cross Project. They got the idea after hearing of plans by a local, hateful pastor to erect a giant right-side-up cross.
Rilby claims the Corpus Christi upside-down cross will be one of the tallest in the world.
“The upside-down cross is gonna be the second largest upside-down cross in the world,” he said. “The largest upside-down cross in the world is in Poughkeepsie, New York on Anton LaVey’s property. It’s 669 feet tall. This upside-down cross will be the largest upside-down cross in Texas. It will span 666 feet in the air.”
At over 600 feet tall, the Corpus Christi upside-down cross will trump city hall and the Nueces County courthouse and even the Harbor Bridge’s 243 feet.
It’s a mammoth undertaking in terms of size and price, with an estimated construction cost of one million dollars.
Rilby says they’re depending on demonic support to fund construction. “Well it’s coming from the legions of demons that roam the earth and some private Satanist contributors. There’s already been $666,666 given towards the upside-down cross, the land has been donated, it’s paid for in full now. So we have the property, we have these funds started and we’re anticipating more funds to come from the community and literally from the depths of Hell because we worship all things underworld.”
The upside-down cross will take about a year to build. Once it’s up, Rilby says nothing will bring it down, except probably some angry, protesting Christians.
“The cross is sitting on a foundation that’s 38 feet octagon. It’s three feet deep with steel and concrete, has 24 piers that go 48 feet into the ground. So if it were to blow over, it would pull up about three acres of land with it, and hopefully take out several innocent bystanders as a sacrifice to Beelzebub.”
An official groundbreaking is scheduled for later this month.

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